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What does it mean to have an individual lease?expand down arrow
What is included in the rent?expand down arrow
Do you have a roommate matching system?expand down arrow
When is my installment due?expand down arrow
How do I pay my installment?expand down arrow
Is there insurance coverage in the event of a fire, theft or natural causes? Does my lease provide coverage for my belongings?expand down arrow
What if I need to break my lease or don't return for the spring semester?expand down arrow
What if I need maintenance in my bedroom or apartment?expand down arrow
How do I receive mail and packages?expand down arrow
What do I need to bring to my new apartment?expand down arrow
What kinds of events do you have at Summit SLO?expand down arrow
Are leases for families with children available?expand down arrow
What if I don't have a Guarantor?expand down arrow
Do you allow pets? expand down arrow
What furniture is provided? expand down arrow
What fees are applicable? expand down arrow

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